High color accuracy in 3D printing

We combine our expertise in light transport simulation and content creation pipelines to develop next-generation software for 3D printing in industries demanding highly accurate appearance reproduction.

Virtual printing

Softproofing for material-jetting 3D printers

Accurate simulations of the printing process and its limitations allows judging the objects visually before they are printed.

Digital Twins

Achieving a match between virtual designs and real fabricated objects is highly desired in marketing, design, and engineering.

Color accuracy

Our simulation can predict the 3D color mixing on the specific geometry more precisely than existing software.

Print without a printer

Without access to a real, expensive printer, one can still verify a design against the printing technology and use a printing service later.

Saving material

Sometimes 3D printouts look unexpected. Using virtual simulations for verifying input models saves expensive material and avoids waste.

Saving time

Speed up your design iterations without having to wait for overnight printing or shipping of test prints.

Saving money

Virtual print software is considerably cheaper than buying, housing and maintaining a material-jetting 3D printer yourself. 

Optimizing printout quality

Color accuracy and texture sharpness

Re-arranging the materials lets compensate for printing process limitations such that the difference between simulations and the desired input is minimized.

Texture sharpness

Compensating for the light blur caused by the translucent materials increases the texture sharpness and contrast.

Match your input

The printouts achieved by our optimization match closely what you expect from your digital input file.

Color gamut

The local color gamut depends also on surrounding colors, which makes it a nested optimization problem that we solve iteratively.

Reduce cross-talk

Colors shining through thin geometries are reduced as best as physically possible.

Balancing goals

Depending on the geometry and materials, color accuracy, sharpness and contrast can be conflicting goals.

Based on 
scientific research

Our technology is based on years of academic research and state-of-the-art trends in the scientific sphere. Our papers are published in top-tier journals in Computer Graphics and Optics where they have been reviewed by other experts in the fields.

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Our expertise in digital material modeling, graphics technology and color 3D printing can help facilitate your project vision.


Equipped with a physics-grade measurement laboratory, we can characterize the optical properties of your SLA / MJ resins.

Custom Pipeline

Our flexible software architecture allows us to build specialized (color) 3D printing pipelines targeted towards your use-case.

About us

We are a university spin-off from Charles University, located in Prague, Czech Republic. Our international team has a strong background in Computer Graphics technology - from predictive rendering to appearance modeling.  Through a coincidence our path has crossed with color 3D printing which became our passion ever since.


Passionate university lecturer turned graphics researcher that has 8 years of IT leadership experience. Dedicated mindset seeking a new experience in business.


Associate professor at Charles University, head of the computer graphics group. Specialist for predictive rendering and colour science research.


Researcher curious about computer graphics, math, and physics. Enjoys transferring research into useful applications ensuring the best user experience for artists and engineers.


Creative and visionary mind who enjoys programming, making, and helping people. Keen on software architecture and new technologies.


C++ wizard with an eye for solid engineering. Graphics allrounder that is driven by predictive rendering. Analytic. Diligent. Knowledgeable.


This is not a bug: We have an open port for you to connect to with C++/Python or server backend programming skills. Ping us!


How can I access your technology?

We are offering a third-party, manufacturer-independent slicer software which connects to your printer on a lower level. You can also order your prints from our partner print services if you don't own a printer yourself. Contact us!

Do I need hardware modifications on my 3D printer?

No. Our improvements are purely software driven and allow you to get higher-quality printouts out of your existing hardware today.

Will this void my printer warranty?

No. Our software connects with the officially provided interfaces by the printer manufacturers and is unable to damage your printer gantry or printhead.

Are there investment / partnership / job opportunities?

We are continuously looking for partners that share our passion for colorful 3D printouts. Please approach us directly with your proposal - we would love to hear about it!

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us directly.